The Beautiful

Since 2015, I’ve been photographically documenting my time touring and playing music across the US and in Europe. Mere snapshot impressions taken on “old” smartphones indeed have a way of inspiring side projects and creative collaborations…


“The Beautiful” photo series (2016-2017)

Rediscovering and reconnecting with the US as expats during this political era and after having lived in Germany for such a long time has often been a surreal experience. This series highlights impressions from our US tours during the Trump era: pre-election August 2016 on the East Coast & in the Midwest and post-election February 2017 on the West Coast & in the Central states.

A small selection from “The Beautiful” was shown from 08.04 – 11.06.2017 at the Gewölbekeller-Kulturzentrum in Konstanz, Germany and from 29.09 – 21.10.2018 at Neuköllner Leuchturm Berlin as part of the Blaue Ampel exhibition Fernbeziehung (Long-distance Relationship).



“America” photo zine (2016)

This is a collaborative DIY zine project with author and double bandmate Al Burian. It’s a modest 14-page hand-pasted, photocopied and stapled self-publication using selected prints from “The Beautiful” combined with pertinent, though-provoking existential questions of and for the future of “our” America.

More zines and photo books on the horizon…


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“Uh Ah” music video (2017)

What to do when plagued by insomnia? Make a low-budget DIY music video of course! And so I put together one for “Uh Ah” from the Milemarker Overseas album (2016) using an incriminating slide show of our shameless on-tour gluttony and indulgence. The video was released in January 2017. Enjoy, guten Appetit, & ‘Murrica, yeah!